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Elektra: mid-size brass reduction
(R. Strauss)

This material is for performance of the 92-piece reduction, printed by Boosey & Hawkes. The edition retained the three extra trumpet players for  just the finale of the opera, for a total of six trumpets for the last 10 minutes of the opera, a factor both economically challenging for the performing organization and which puts the brass out of balance for the 20-some pages in question. This material eliminates the three extra trumpets and redistributes the remaining brass.


The material is as follows:

  • PDFs for 8.5x11 pages of the full orchestral score with the altered brass sections imposed accordingly. These can be printed and enlarged to whatever size is suitable.

  • PDFs of the material of the individual parts formatted for 10x14 paper, to be printed and inserted by the performing organization.


This material has been sized as much as possible to fit into the existing score and parts.

For more information, check out my Elektra-lite blog on this project.

And check out these sample pages:

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