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REMEMBER: A performance is only as good as the time and resources you invest in it. The printed material cannot substitute.

This edition is available for licensing only. It is not available for purchase.

Each license is one-time only, for a mutually agreed number of performances within a specific time period.


The performance material is only available in hard copy. It is not available digitally.

The use of these materials is solely and exclusively for live performances. For any other usage, a separate Electronic Media Agreement will be required.

Although the source material for this edition is in the public domain, this edition itself constitutes a newly created and individual work as defined by the United States Library of Congress and is therefore fully protected by United States copyright law. By signing the contract, The Renter recognizes The Provider’s copyright and agrees to abide by the provisions of the law as currently constituted, and agrees not to give away, loan or in any other wise share this material with any other entity without prior written permission of The Provider.

The Renter is forbidden to retain any of the material in any form - physical, digital, cloud storage or otherwise - past thirty (30) days following the final performance, nor to share the material at any time in any form with any other entity or organization. This includes any and all reproductions of the material that may be created by The Renter for rehearsal purposes.

Any violation of these conditions by The Renter may result in legal action by The Provider, including but not limited to compensatory and punitive damages, as well as recovery of any legal costs incurred by The Provider.

The licensing agreement applies solely and exclusively to the rental of the material as listed in the individual contract. It does not apply to any additions, changes, transpositions, abridgements, or other alterations that may be requested by The Renter. Any such additional work shall be separately negotiated on a case-by-case basis and agreed in writing.

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