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From a very early age I've had a wide ranging interest in the performing arts - puppetry, ballet, theater, animation, all of these fascinated. I suspect this is where I get my catholic appetite for all kinds of music, from Abba to Xenakis.


I didn’t come to composition till the relatively late period of my mid-teens. My compositions seek to synthesize my admiration for the extended techniques and abstract tropes of contemporary new music, the long form narrative journeys of pre-20th century classical music, the kinesis of the dance music of my youth and the readily apprehensible structures of music theater.


A long-time advocate of respect for artists not supporting themselves solely through their art, I devote my creative energies to both my own concert music compositions and a burgeoning demand as a theatrical orchestrator.

I graduated from the Mannes College of Music in 1990 with a Master’s degree in composition and theory. I’ve been the recipient of a fellowship at the Aspen Summer Music Festival, as well as a Meet The Composer grant, and a showcase concert devoted to my works in February, 2010 by NewMusicNewYork.


When not ricocheting between various musical pursuits, I'm proud to be co-founder, co-producer and musical coordinator for Broadway Belts for PFF! (an annual fundraiser for the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation) and co-founder and managing administrator for the New York chapter of the American Society of Musicians, Composers and Arrangers (ASMAC). I also like to derive inspiration and unblock creative logjams through various culinary and oenophilic explorations.

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