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B&B (2022)

for flute and violin (beginner)
in four movement


1. Porch time (ca. 3')

2. Nap time (ca. 1'30")

3. Strolling 

4. ?

Premiere: pending

commissioned by
Brian Lips


Writing for beginner musicians is a lot harder than one might think. Recalibrating one’s years of study of experienced and virtuosic technique takes some getting used to, especially having to consider every note, every phrase, and whether they test the abilities of the performer beyond what they’d be willing to casually 


But it was a challenge I was thrilled to tackle when Brian Lips, a long-haul trucker based in the U.S. midwest with a passion for classical music, commissioned me to write something for him and his stepson to explore together. Brian at the time was still a novice violinist, and Braden a beginner flautist with a keen interest in all aspects of music, including composition. Indeed, a long diatonic melody that he provided me with furnished the foundation of all four of the movements of the suite, titled B&B for Brian and Braden.

While the pieces are intended for and largely inspired by Brian and Braden, it's impossible with their family not to be influenced by Brian's son Sean, as the audio demo files below will prove.


These pieces are intended to be played in whatever order the performers like, or individually.

Read more about the inspiring Brian Lips here and here

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